High Voltage Course


On the 2nd of March 2015 the Romanian Nautical College opened the "High Voltage Safety and Maintenance" course, which lasts 5 days (30 hours) and includes important practical working components on a real naval high voltage console by ABB/Sweden


Download the HV Course Leaflet at the bottom of the page and have all details of the course. 


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When is the next  High Voltage course?


In order to come to your help, the Naval Technology Centre has established the High Voltage course schedule for the rest of 2016. 

Please find below the list of courses. We hope that one of the dates will suite your agenda:



  • 05 - 09 December 2016
  • 09-13 January 2017
  • 23-27 January 2017
  • 06-10 February 2017



What shall I study ?


The HV Leaflet at the bottom of the page offers a full presentation of the High Voltage course content and objectives. We encourage you to take a look. 


On what equipment will I train? 


The Naval Technology Centre of the Romanian Nautical College is equipped with a real naval high voltage console by ABB/Sweden. 


Who recognizes my High Voltage Certificate?


The High Voltage Course Certificate is recognized by IMCA. Our Centre has been an IMCA member since 2013. 

At the bottom of the page you will find a sample of our HV Certificate. 


How do I register? 


In order to apply, please click HERE


Alternatively, you can send an email to: hv@nauticalcollege.org .


Companies (corporate) applications are treated with priority, being planned on company's demand and discounts may be negociated.


How much does the course cost?


The price for the High Voltage course is 500 euros. 

Payment can be made through a banking transfer, with the details you will receive on your invoice after registering online for the course.


How long does the course last? 


The High Voltage course lasts for 5 days, and begins from Monday to Friday at 1400LT. 


Where does it take place? 


The High Voltage course is held at our DP&Offshore Centre, located at 90A Dezrobirii Street,Constanta, Romania. 


Where will I stay?


Our Centre collaborates with Hotel Pacific, located at a 5 minute walk from our Centre, at 82E Dezrobirii Street, Constanta, Romania. 


The hotel has 2 special offers for our trainees:


- 39 euros per night, single room-breakfast included;

- 55 euros per night, single room-breakfast + lunch/dinner included. 


Info about Pacific Hotel at: http://www.hotelpacific.ro/ 


How will I get to the Centre? 


Depending on the country of residence, our trainees can arrive by car, train or plane to our Centre. 


The nearest airport to the Centre is the Constanta Airport - Kogalniceanu.


However, trainees can arrive as well at the Henri Coanda - Otopeni Airport in Bucharest, located at 220km from Constanta. The trip from Bucharest airport to Constanta takes around 3h30min, and there are buses and trains that provide transportation.


If requested, with the help of Hotel Pacific, the Centre can arrange transportation, which will ensure the 2 trips - from and to the airport, for an additional cost of 55 euros per trip. 


Do I need a Visa to come to Romania? 


In order to discover whether you need a Visa to come to our courses, please visit the website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign affairs: http://www.mae.ro/en/node/2040  


If it is the case, the Centre will be able to provide trainees with an Invitation Letter for the duration of the course, in order to obtain the Visa as soon as possible. 


Contact Details

For more information about the course, please contact our team at hv@nauticalcollege.org and (004)0745768897.