1. On the 1st of June 2016, Romanian Nautical College [RNC] signed a strategic partnership agreement with South Tyneside College [STC], the longest and most prestigious maritime college in the United Kingdom.

The Partnership includes the following common programmes, approved by the UK maritime administration [MCA - Maritime and Coastguard Agency]:

  • a 1+1 programme for Deck officers [one year in RNC plus one year in STC]
  • a 1+1 programme for Engine Officers [one year in RNC plus one year in STC]
  • guaranteed sea voyages [cadet programmes]
  • short route [4 to 6 month-course] to management level of your career [Chief Officer and Second Engineer]
  • academic diploma under UK accreditation
  • UK certificate of competency
  • special route for Electro-Technical Officers [ETO]
  • short reconfirmation courses [3 days]
  • huge international employment market

2. We have strategic partnerships with Shipping Companies and Agencies to support our Cadet Programmes. Based on these partnerships our cadets spend the minimum required sea service period on board of our partners' ships, with huge professional benefits for their future career. We are honored to be supported by the following companies:

  • Offshore Shipping Ltd
  • Rickmers Marine
  • Dohle Romania Ltd
  • CMA Ships
  • Good Winds Ltd
  • Valdor Conshipping Ltd
  • Romtrust Ltd, etc.