About us



The Romanian Nautical College Association (RNCA) is a professional Non-Governmental Organization built up by a group of maritime professionals and experienced instructors with an extensive experience at sea, wishing to create a new educational alternative and a quick access to well paid jobs at sea. For the following years, our level of ambition is to become a Centre of Excellence, covering the STCW, DP/Offshore fields, including Marine Highschool (Liceum) educational programmes.


The operational structure of RNCA is composed by:

  • -Liceul Nautic (Nautical Liceum) - 4 year highschool level
  • -Romanian Nautical College - 4 year college level
  • -DP&Offshore Centre - 1 week courses of high specialization
  • -Naval Technology Centre - scientific research and software applications development
  • -Romanian Yachting School - courses for pleasure boats


On the 1st of June 2016, Romanian Nautical College Association [RNCA] signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with South Tyneside College [STC] in England to develop common 1+1 programmes for Officers:




Established in 1861, STC is the longest operating maritime college in the UK - and our reputation is unsurpassed! Thousands of students choose to study at South Tyneside College every year - from the local community, across the UK and over 100 countries worldwide.


STC offers all levels of marine education and training:

  • -Deck, Engine and General Purpose Ratings
  • -All officer trainee programmes
  • -Training for senior officer certification
  • -Training to honours degree level


We are proud to announce that the STC-RNC partnership is approved by the UK Maritime Authority [UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency - MCA] and is unique in Europe!


The STC-RNC partnership endorses the highest level of quality of our programmes and offers a very professional route to the sea jobs! Visit our web site and find out many more! 


To all those attracted by the perspective of navigating at sea or shifting to the DP/Offshore industry, we wish a warm welcome to the Romanian Nautical College! 


        Stelian Cojocaru, president, RNCA/July 2016